AfriForum today launched its Prosecute Zuma campaign. The civil rights organisation, as part of this campaign, launched a petition in support of the prosecution of Jacob Zuma. The purpose of this petition is to place pressure on the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) to criminally prosecute Zuma.

“The reigning culture of impunity – because the state’s prosecution machine is apparently not eager to call corrupt persons to accountability – is enough to make any law-abiding citizen’s blood boil. AfriForum shares the public’s impatience in this regard and it is for this reason that we launched this campaign and are encouraging the public to sign the Prosecute Zuma petition,” says Monique Taute, Head of AfriForum’s Anti-Corruption Unit.

“We can no longer allow criminals such as Zuma to evade justice. Our message to Zuma and all corrupt members of the country’s business sector, government and politicians is that we are on their trail and that they have nowhere to hide. Jacob Zuma has evaded justice for long enough. It is time that he is prosecuted.”

Lastly Taute says that, should the NPA decide not to prosecute corrupt persons, AfriForum’s Private Prosecuting Unit stands at the ready to consider the case for private prosecution.

The public can help AfriForum to place pressure on the NPA to prosecute Jacob Zuma by signing the Prosecute Zuma petition or by sending an SMS with their name to 45352 (R1).


Prosecute Zuma petition

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